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When everything is quiet and most of our bodies rest, accelerates skin repair processes and tissue regenerated with greater intensity. At this point, it is essential that the skin is completely clean and moisturized to fulfill its protective functions properly and is kept for longer.

1. What happens during sleep?

Sleep has a restorative function in the physical and psychic. Physically, promotes tissue regeneration and relaxation of muscles, resulting in a general recovery.

There are scientific studies showing that increased tissue synthesis occurs during sleep, there by offering a tissue repair during sleep specifically, during the deep phase.

Between 0 and 4 hours of the morning is when the brain is sleep more deeply and precisely in this period, when our tissues are reproduced or regenerated with greater intensity. Waking During these hours impedes this function, causing sleep less restful.

Given these data, we can say that the necessary hours sleep and sleep quality is up to maintain healthy tissues. Likewise, everything that can help this regeneration during sleep; result in an improvement of tissue.

As basic principles are cleansing and hydration but there are other products that are ideal for application at night.

2. Ritual Night

– The skin never sleeps. During the day, protects the body from the continuous external aggressions caused by the sun, air and all sorts of chemicals and environmental agents is at night when it taps to regenerate and prepare for the next day.

To facilitate this essential remedial work to remove dirt and dead cells that has accumulated throughout the day, tone and moisturize. They are the main phases that make up the basic care of the skin, especially skin that is one of the worst affected areas.

– Clean. It is essential in man and woman, whether or not disguised. There are a variety of products gels, soaps, cleansing milks, and creams, mousse-specific skin type (dry, normal, mixed, oily or sensitive.).

– Tone. It is applied with a swab to refresh and tone the skin.

Moisturize. With a suitable cream to each skin type, the person should moisturize the skin in order to assist regeneration, soothe and maintain healthy skin.

3. Treatments night

It is generally talking about evening treatments are more effective because the skin are more willing at this time. This is not quite true. Rather one could say it is easier to apply certain intensive treatments, such as nutritive creams, before sleeping.

This type of care creams very well but are more oily skin and generally give more shine, so are not as acceptable during the day. Also do not work too good foundation because it leaves a sensation of oily skin, that nothing likes it to users. Because of this, the night becomes a perfect time for implementation.

In addition to the nutritious there are other treatments that are on the night his faithful ally. Such is the case of depigmentation, retinol creams, scrubs, masks and so on.

The depigmenting are specific treatments to qualify the skin spots. It should always apply at night because it does not interact well with the sun. In fact, its use was suspended in spring and summer.

The retinol creams plays a key role in the formation of new skin. Most characteristic of photo aging skin changes diminish with continued application of retinoid. They are very effective against signs of aging (wrinkles, spots and harshness).

It is also a component characteristic of acne treatments. The reason that it is easier to apply before going to bed is because they act as peeling and can peel a little skin, so put them in a day is not very pleasant.

The scrubs and masks also often applied at night, but the explanation is not on efficiency but on that afternoon and evening we have more time and can leave on for long enough treatment.

For not only stick to the face, one can also mention the exfoliation and moisturizing of your feet as a night care. After peeling and applying the cream pedis, is recommended to put some cotton socks to enhance the effect. There is need for further time-out because it would be unthinkable cream on the feet and footwear as we slip.

4. Essential tips to keep skin in good condition

– A good time to start caring is adolescence; they begin to appear the first granite. That’s when they should be educating on the importance of skin care not only in the morning. It is not easy, especially for boys. But if you start at this age can get a healthy habit for the skin.

– Cleaned properly.

– Using cosmetics appropriate to each type of skin. Thus, it will get skin needs of each.

– The basic care of mature skin suffering from mold and mildew are the use of skin lightening, especially in the winter period because in spring and summer should be stopped by the sun.

– Retinol is a component used in cosmetics for the treatment of acne and controls the signs of aging.

– Maintain a healthy diet and good hydration helps prevent aging.

– Adequate sleep appropriate times and helps improve skin condition.

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