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medicure-pedicureBody treatments in this case toenails and fingernails have many functions, in our activities petrified everyday beauty as well as in the case functions as the body’s natural accessories. Beauty tips article this time will discuss the issue of good nail care in humans.

1.   Change Bad Habits and Weight Avoid Work
Do not force our fingernails to the usual hard work assisted by special equipment such as removing the usual staples of paper or stuck to something with a nail curry. In the skin scratch not too harsh because it can make the skin wound or irritation and make a dirty nails or reduce the aesthetic beauty of our nails.

If your toenails and fingernails short, do not cut anymore. It is worth waiting a week or more of our new pieces. Too diligently cut nails can make nails growth less good, especially the kid.

If we have a device manicure and pedicure instruments, save the well in a clean place, closed and dry so that bacteria do not breed in these instruments. Use special scissors to cut the cuticles cuticle that grow around the nails. Do not cut with ordinary scissors if not expert.

2.   Keep the humidity level Nails Hands and Feet
When finished washing something with our hands could directly or detergent soap which can make the skin or nails and dry. Therefore, we recommend after doing laundry-washing does not hurt us apply a special cream or hand skin body lotion.

If you need to wear gloves or wash before work, to keep the condition of our nails properly maintained. apply a cream or lotion to the hands and nails before wearing gloves. To work like washing something, our nails can be plugged into the soap first, that will more easily cleaned from bacteria and dirt.

Use a moisturizer after long use hands and feet in a hot environment, direct sunlight, long in the water like a swim, after washing. moisturizing is a good idea given that the nail is not easily broken. Especially if the type of brittle nails are so easily broken and torn, have often given moisturizer.

3.   Tips About nail polish / Can nails and equipment was
If we liked to use nail polish or nail polish, give your nails time to breathe by letting your nails free from paint and accessories. In a clean nail polish should not be done with the curry nails with sharp objects and so on, but use a special liquid cleaners / nail polish remover.

In order for the results of nail paint is more durable, before we give painted moisturizer. When we wants to put nail polish brush, dip the brush to take the nail polish enough to not overflow and the results could be more perfect streak.

How to use / wear finger nail polish is by rubbing the brush horizontally from right and left and vertically down over the edge. If there is excess paint, do not use cotton or tissue, but disposable manicure sticks made from wood.

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