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Confused with teeth? Really like what the hell where the teeth and how the parts of the tooth?

Teeth Anatomy

Teeth Anatomy

Part of the human molar teeth
Teeth are hard parts found in the mouths of many vertebrates. They have a variety of structures that allow them to perform many tasks. The primary function of teeth is to tear and chew food and in some animals, particularly carnivores, as a weapon. Root of teeth covered by gums. Teeth have a protective structure called the tooth enamel, which helps prevent the holes in the teeth. Pulp in the tooth shrinks and dentin are stored in place.
Teeth are the most distinguished in different types of mammals, and one that could be a good fossil. Paleontologists use them to identify fossil species and often the relationship between them. The shape of teeth associated with these types of pet food. For example herbivores have many molars for chewing because it is difficult to digest grass. Carnivores need fangs to kill and tear, and because the meat easier to digest, so they can swallow the food without the need molars to chew the food first.

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